About Us

Since its inception in 1910, AACRAO, a non-profit membership organization, has taken a leadership position in developing policies centered on the global educational community. IES is the focal point for resources on international education and exchange. Professional evaluators, with an average of over 24 years of experience, have completed thousands of foreign credential evaluations since this service became available in 1994 to member institutions, agencies, certification and licensing boards and the public. We currently provide evaluations to over 1,500 institutions and organizations and thousands of individuals.

AACRAO IES provides evaluations of academic credentials from all countries of the world. Our extensive network enables us to accurately research any educational credential and produce in-depth reports. Unlike many agencies that employ generalists to do credential evaluations, IES employs evaluators solely for the country-specific expertise that they bring to their work. Many of these individuals have earned international recognition for their education system knowledge and actively participate at both national and international conferences. Your credentials will be reviewed by one of these evaluators and the resulting report will accurately reflect how your previous education compares to US education.


From 1965 until 1991, AACRAO was responsible for evaluating foreign education for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of International Training, Academic Advisory Service. In 1991, with the end of USAID’s scholarship program for developing nations, AACRAO created International Education Services to provide evaluations for AACRAO member institutions as well as the general public. AACRAO has been evaluating foreign credentials since 1965. It has also been the premier publisher of references on foreign educational systems since the mid-1950’s with the World Education Series, the Projects for International Education Research (PIER), the AACRAO Country Studies, and the recent web based Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).