AACRAO IES evaluations follow the placement recommendations developed and approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educated Credentials (CEC). The CEC was an inter-associational body made up of 10 educational associations involved in international education exchanged. Organizations such as AACRAO, NAFSA, the College Board, the Council of Graduate Schools, the Institute for International Education, AACC and others were members of the CEC. When the CEC disbanded in 2006, it was replaced by AACRAO's International Education Standards Council (IESC) to fill the same role and function of the CEC by representing the depth and breadth of US higher education. The recommendations of the IESC are made independent of AACRAO IES.

IES currently offers the following types of evaluations:

Basic Statement of Comparability

- determines the level of comparability between foreign education and U.S. education. In most cases, this type of evaluation is suitable for employment purposes and university admission as a first year student or as a graduate student.

Secondary School (High School) Course Listing

- is a basic statement comparability plus a listing of classes taken at the high school level. This type of evaluation is recommended for first-time applicants to US higher education institutions.

Course-by-Course Evaluation

- consists of the basic statement of comparability and lists your courses (at the University/Postsecondary level) with the comparable U.S. grades and credits. This type of evaluation is usually needed for students transferring to U.S. institutions with previous university-level study from outside the U.S.