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Expedited mailing option is a 2-Day FedEx for one US address only. IES does not accept any other carriers or pre-paid labels. Saturday Delivery and International Delivery are not available.

The following information is necessary for FedEx delivery. For FedEx delivery to an institution, you must include a Building/Suite number and your phone number so that FedEx can contact you directly in case they need to verify the address. Also, please indicate the address for FedEx delivery. You can email this information to ies@aacrao.org.

If you have completed your application, please review it to ensure accuracy before continuing.

I certify that all statements made in this application are correct, truthful and complete. I understand that AACRAO may verify the authenticity and accuracy of the documents and information I have provided. I also understand and agree that if AACRAO determines that I have provided false or misleading information, AACRAO has the right to contact appropriate individuals, institutions, or organizations affected by such false information and to inform them of its discovery. I understand that if I submit original records and want them returned to me, I will need to submit an additional payment of $75. I will also need written approval from AACRAO IES.

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